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The Ranch

Cattle We are a working cattle ranch with a commercial hay operation.

After our recent reclamation and re-fencing activities, we can care for (and put the pounds on) up to 1500 steers during the summer on our hard, native grasses, rich in timothy. North Park grasses and hay are famous for their high protein content.

Hay    Our commercial hay operation produces several thousand tons of top quality cattle and horse hay in 800 lb. (3x3x8) and 80 lb. bales.

We have begun a reclamation project to restore a thousand acres to prime pastureland by sagebrush clearing, irrigation management, reseeding and re-fencing. We have fenced both sides of the lower mile or so of the North Fork to exclude cattle from riparian areas. We are also replanting thousands of willows to prevent bank-side soil erosion and to improve the native fishery conditions.

We also manage our forest for regeneration, limited commercial harvesting, supplies for ranch construction, wildlife habitat improvement and recreational beauty.

We try to run the ranch so that each part works harmoniously with the balance of the operation. Like most ranchers, we try to be good stewards of our land because we plan to stay here.

We are proud to have received the Outstanding Cooperators Award by the North Park Soil Conservation District in 1997, and the Goodyear/NACD award of Merit for 1998.

If you would like to talk to us about your grazing or hay needs
please call Lance Towle at (970) 723-8322 or email him towle@ezlink.com

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